An integrated healing system for today's

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Varma Healing (Systemic Vital Point Therapy and Vital Energy Healing) is a very ancient traditional system from Tamilnadu, south of India. It originates from the Siddha Tradition. The Siddhas are accomplished people, who developed among other branches of a vast knowledge-system, the Varma Healing. 


Systemic Vital Point Therapy deals with specific vital spots (Varmams) in the human physiology, where the vital force energy is highly concentrated. These vital spots are located at or nearby major neural plexus, major endocrinal glands, muscle junctions, joint spaces etc. They can also be described as junctions where vital force energy meets the physical body. By using various techniques to release stagnated energy in specific parts of the body related to specific ailments, a natural and effective healing process occurs.


Vital force energy (called Chi in the Chinese system and Prana in Ayurveda) is the most basic driving force behind all functions of the human organism and is responsible for its creation and maintenance. It flows throughout the entire body through specific channels. In the Siddha system these channels are called Nadis. There are 72,000 channels in the body, among which 10 channels are of prime importance. The most important three are the solar (Pingala), lunar (Ida) and central (Sushumna) channels. 


Vital Energy Healing utilizes vital force energy to remove stagnation and blockages in the vital spots. The vital spots (Varmams) are located along the path of flow (Nadis) of the vital force energy. When the flow of vital force energy in any channel of our body gets hindered, the vital spots along that flow register the imbalance and in due time this imbalance brings about diseases related to the afflicted vital spots. Vital Energy Healing restores the proper and unhindered flow of vital force energy through the channels, which in turn releases the stagnated energy in the vital spots located along the channels, bringing about a spontaneous healing.


To treat any disease, one needs to attend to these specific afflicted vital spots or to the flow of vital force energy, in order to bring about a true and lasting healing.







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